Grace Guthrie

Ms. Grace is an RN, helping her community by monitoring her patient’s recovery and educating them on how to stay healthy. “I was working the day before, before all this happened. It was so quick”.

Ms. Grace suffered from a blood clot in her right leg. After her amputation, she was sent to in-patient rehab at Thibodaux Regional Medical Center. The staff there referred her to Adaptive. Chatelaine saw Ms. Grace for her first appointment on December 17th 2019 and quickly realized she had one very important goal. “We did our research; I wasn’t going anywhere I didn’t feel comfortable with or a connection to. After reading Chatelaines biography on Adaptive’s website, I knew she was the one I needed to see”.

Together, after scheduling appointments every week, squeezing in physical therapy appointments and plenty of adjustments she was ready. On Saturday January 25th 2020 Ms. Grace would walk down the aisle using her prostheses on her daughter’s wedding day. “The care and patience Chatelaine has with me; I know I couldn’t have found anywhere else. Yall are a one-stop-shop and I would recommend Adaptive to anyone”.

We’re sure Ms. Grace’s story will touch many, but we are honored to be a part of her success and can’t wait hear how beautiful her daughter’s big day was at her next appointment!

Best wishes to the bride and groom from the team at Adaptive Prosthetics and Orthotics!