Diabetic Shoes

Why are Diabetic Shoes important?

Poorly controlled blood sugar can damage many parts of the body, including the nerves and vessels that go to the feet. Because of this, people with diabetes have an increased risk of developing foot problems. Wearing specialty-designed shoes can help reduce risk and promote healthy circulation in your feet.

Some advantages of wearing Diabetic Shoes are prevention of skin breakdown, formation of less calluses, and reduction of foot problems in high-pressure areas of the foot. Better motion control is also a major advantage.

Additional qualifying medical conditions for Diabetic shoes are past or present foot ulcers, hammertoes, bunions, foot amputations, and symptoms or tests supporting a diagnosis of peripheral neuropathy with callusing.

Please Note: The Adaptive diabetic paperwork must be obtained prior to your appointment with your doctor. You can select and print the downloadable documents as needed below at any time. You need a prescription from your doctor. That prescription must clarify reasons for needing therapeutic shoes and inserts. Your doctor must also manage your diabetes under a comprehensive diabetic plan of care.

Please Note: A nurse practitioner or podiatrist cannot complete these forms.

Over the years, Diabetic Shoe brands have improved their designs and do have some fashionable shoes to choose from. Styles range from Men and Women’s dress shoes, tennis shoes, water shoes, sandals, casual shoes in plenty of different sizes and colors to accommodate you comfortably.

Brands we carry:

Downloadable Documents:

You may download and print all forms necessary for your visit. Please call our office with any questions you may have regarding Diabetic Shoes and/or Diabetic Shoe Documents at (985) 580-4688

An Adaptive Diabetic Shoe specialist and certified fitter are here to assist you. Call to schedule your appointment today.

Diabetic Shoe Specialist Marse’ Walker

Therapeutic Shoe Fitter Monica Yates