Prosthetics is the fabrication of custom artificial limbs that enhance the function and lifestyle of a persons with limb loss. At Adaptive Prosthetics and Orthotics, our certified staff will work to restore your mobility and independence using prosthetic devices.

Lower Extremity Prostheses

Facing an amputation can be overwhelming and the loss of a lower limb can significantly alter a person’s mobility. Schedule an evaluation to consult with one of our experienced prosthetists about our lower extremity prostheses. They can provide you with some guidance for what to expect next and answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Some of our lower extremity prosthesis include: 

  • Below Knee
  • (Transtibial) Symes
  • Above Knee (Transfemoral)
  • Knee Disarticulation
  • Partial Foot Prostheses
  • Chopart
  • Lisfranc
  • Trans-metatarsal
  • Toe
Upper Extremity Prostheses

The loss of an upper limb can lead to feeling like everyday tasks like cooking and driving are impossible to accomplish. Our job is to get you on the right path and are here to assist you in regaining your independence with the use of our upper extremity prosthetics. Schedule an evaluation with one of our licensed prosthetists to discuss your road to recovery.

Some of our upper extremity prosthesis include: 

  • Shoulder Disarticulation
  • Trans-humeral
  • Elbow Disarticulation
  • Trans-radial
  • Wrist Disarticulation
  • Partial Hand