Allie Bourgeois

We want to share miss Allie Bourgeois’ Story and her journey with the Pediatric WalkAid. Allie is diagnosed with Cong. Hemiplegia that causes her to have some weakness in her right leg. The muscle and tone weakness cause her to have difficulty walking or running for long periods of time. Chatelaine introduced the WalkAid that has a built in functional electrical stimulation (FES) device that can help improve walking speed and reduce fatigue for kids with similar diagnoses.

This sweet girl deserves all the mobility she can get, and this device can help her full-of-life personality shine. With just a few adjustments with Chatelaine, Allie was anything but shy at the park, showing off her new WalkAid for the first time!

Allies case caught the attention of The United Healthcare Children’s Foundation. Her case helped the foundation reach their 2020 20,000th grant goal, helping the foundation raise $2 million dollars of medical grants for kids. The United Healthcare put together a beautiful short film of Allie and her accomplishments with the WalkAid that you can watch on our Facebook page.

We have high hopes for our bubbly Allie, and we’re sure she’ll continue to capture our hearts one step at a time!