Kenneth Leboeuf

Mr. Kenneth has been Bobby’s patient for almost 9 years and has a prosthesis that has people around town asking “Who Dat”? “I was admitted into the hospital for a blood clot in my right leg on December 25th 2012 and was scheduled for an amputation on December 29th 2012. After things calmed down, the doctor I was seeing said to go to see Bobby at Adaptive”.

After follow-up and adjustment appointments throughout the years, Bobby realized he had a true Saints fan on his hands. Using different materials, Bobby and our lab technicians fabricated something Mr. Kenneth would have never expected. “I had asked Bobby if he could put something Saints on my leg, but what they surprised me with brought tears to my eyes. I brag about it everywhere I go, and people are always stopping me asking me where I got it from”.

Here at Adaptive, we know every single detail that goes into our products is important. But fabricating something our patients can relate to and something they can brag about is worth all the extra time and little details. “Bobby is number 1 to me, I brag about him all over town. Yall always do an A+ job”.

WHO DAT Mr. Kenneth!