Thomas Gagneaux

Bobby’s patient Mr. Thomas, “Tom” reached out to Adaptive for help after his amputation back in April 2019. “I was pretty down after my amputation. I was depressed. I had been sick for a long time. I had struggled down a long medical road leading up to my amputation and after everything, I didn’t think I’d ever get my life back”.

After receiving his left BKA prosthesis, Tom started physical therapy and was scheduled follow up appointments with Bobby. To his surprise, Tom realized that his goal of independence and mobility was starting to feel less like a lost cause and more like a reality. “Bobby was always quick. He is a nice guy and I knew I could rely on him. He put me on the right path”.

Patients like Tom remind us that with a little extra patience and care, that the road to recovery is always possible. “Now I forget it’s even there, my prosthesis is like second nature. It’s comfortable, I can slip it on and off with no problems and do what I need to do every single day. I have my independence back and yall are instrumental to that”.

We’re elated to see how well Tom is adjusting to his prostheses and we’re thankful for his trust in the process and us!