Orthotic Brace: The Standard Pneumatic Walker

The Standard Pneumatic Walker is designed for patients who may be recovering from a sprain, fracture, or surgery and who need stability or to keep they’re lower leg or foot still. This orthotic brace fits below the knee and for the most part is comfortable and lightweight to wear. It comes in 5 different sizes, is available in left or right, and high or low. There are a few reasons practitioners and patients favor this brace:

  1. At Adaptive, we usually have this brace in multiple sizes in stock. So patients can get fitted and wear it home the same day!
  2. With a prescription from their doctor visit, this device is covered by most insurance.
  3. It is removable! This factor comes in handy in many situations like physical therapy appointments, changing clothes, showering, and sleeping. Although a hard cast guarantees protection, the hard cast may make tasks like these more difficult.

At Adaptive P&O, Monica is our COF (Certified Orthotic Fitter) who can quickly assist patients who are in need of orthotic braces like the Standard Pneumatic Walker!