Burt Brunet

Burt is one of Chatelaine’s orthotic patients whose story we’re happy to share!

Burt is an experienced mechanic. After hurting his back and undergoing 2 surgeries to fix the pain, his left leg started giving him trouble. “ It was very strange. My left leg started to go numb below the knee and then it just gave out.”

After being referred to Adaptive by an orthopedic surgeon, Chatelaine suggested the Stance Control KAFO orthotic to help. “It did take me some time to get used to having the brace, but because of it I’ve got two hands and two legs again. The three adjustments on the brace are very easy to use, it’s reliable, and because of it I was able to put down the cane I used to help me walk for the last 14 years.”

Chatelaine is happy to see him improve. “Chatelaine has been great with me. Anything that needs fixing or adjusting she’s taken care of. She really knows her stuff.”

Today, Burt enjoys taking his wife fishing and naturally enjoys fixing things. “Adaptive’s staff is always friendly and I’m very happy with what Chatelaine has introduced to me and the freedom my brace gives me.”

We are happy to hear all is well Mr. Burt! See you next time!