Kenneth Townsend

We’d like to recognize Chatelaine’s patient, Kenneth Townsend, for his continuous courage through the past year and determination to accomplish his dream: no matter the obstacles. Kenneth struggled with a medical condition for years that lead him through 6 different surgeries. “My condition made me so sick. I was tired of being down after surgery; it was time to make a change”.

On January 2nd, 2019, Kenneth was scheduled for a below the knee amputation at Ochsner Jefferson Hospital in New Orleans. After surgery, he was referred back closer to home for rehabilitation at Terrebonne General Medical Hospital and prosthetics at Adaptive P&O. After recognizing his improvement and taking his first steps with his prosthesis on March 28th, 2019 Kenneth was asked to sit on Terrebonne General’s Health and Rehabilitation Center Patient Satisfaction Advisory Board that meets twice a year to discuss how we as medical healthcare professionals can better our patients overall experience. “Yea I had my doubts and fears about the recovery process but I had more determination, prayer, and strength to come out stronger then I was before. I wasn’t going to let anything stop me from accomplishing my dream of opening up a restaurant”.

Today, Kenneth is busy making the final touches to his new restaurant, Quizine Quarters. “I have a special place for Adaptive in my heart. Chatelaine doesn’t let me leave until my prosthesis feels just right and comfortable. My prosthesis gave me a second chance at life. So, I am offering any amputee 10% off at Quizine Quarters; us amputee’s got to stick together!”

In his spare time, he does all he can to give back to his community. During the struggling times of COVID-19, Kenneth cooked and fed 173 local children and also catered lunch at TGMC giving back to our healthcare workers. “My advice to anyone is to never let anyone tell you what you can or cannot do, ever”.

Be sure to check out Quizine’s Quarters FaceBook page for more details! Thank you Kenneth for being such an inspiration to our patients and us!