Martile Billiot

Chatelaine’s patient, Martile Billiot, has been a patient with Adaptive P&O since 2017. Throughout the years, Martile has been through his fair share of up’s and down’s. But his happy, positive, go-getter attitude has always persevered. “I’m a busy guy, I like to be on the go. I work hard to live a healthy lifestyle. I like to go to the gym, try to eat right, and live life having no regrets”.

Years ago, Martile was diagnosed with Diabetes and due to the conditions, needed a below the knee amputation. After discussing options and his future with his surgeon at Leonard J. Chabert Medical Center, there was an appointment made for him at Adaptive. “I knew nothing about prosthetics before my amputation. But after doing some research, I knew it was the best thing for me. If you work hard enough and can except all the changes, a prosthetic will give you the same independence in life you had before the amputation, you just have to stay positive”.

Recently, Martile was hit with a bombshell. He would need a second amputation. “The second time around was hard. Of course, I had my bad days full of emotion and fear thinking that I had to go through the process all over again. But I had to face it, accept it, and keep going. I’m not worried about anything because I know Adaptive will be there to help me get my life back with a second prosthesis. Yall have a friendly and helpful group and with a situation like mine, that’s all I can ask for”.

Since first seeing Martile back in 2017, many things have changed. But his friendly and very strong willed personality has never changed. Although the healing process does take some time, we aren’t worried about Martile jumping back and continuing to live the same active lifestyle he did with his first prosthesis with his second. “I know I will be back in the gym, working, fishing, and on the go again soon. You have to live life to the fullest everyday because tomorrow is never promised, so don’t live in fear or have any regrets”.

Your positivity makes our jobs worth it Martile! Thank you for allowing us to share your story!

-The Adaptive P&O team