Mitch and Tammy Pellegrin

Adaptive is always happy to see family members and friends of former patients. This patient success story is not focused on only one patient but two, husband and wife, Tammy and Mitch P. Together, they’ve been with Adaptive for just about 4 years for Diabetic Shoes. “If I didn’t have to walk anywhere, I didn’t, simply because of the pain and discomfort.”

Mitch suffered from corns, calluses, and pain in his feet. Corns tend to develop on parts of the feet that do not bear weight, like the sides of your toes and sometimes the top of your foot. Calluses are due to poorly fit shoes or frequent friction to an area of skin. Tammy was also suffering from pain in her feet and was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis, which is commonly caused by repetitive strain injury to the ligament of the sole of the foot. Both visited their family doctors for help and both were referred to Adaptive for evaluations. After completing the necessary diabetic shoe paperwork, both Tammy and Mitch visited Monica to discuss the best solutions for them. “Monica was very nice and had a good vibe about her. It was clear she knew what she was talking about and answered all of the questions we’ve ever had.”

 Diabetic shoes have come a long way. There are many different popular brands, types and inserts available to help support and relieve foot pain. After selecting and ordering the appropriate styles for each of their conditions, both Tammy and Mitch are very satisfied with the comfort and support their shoes provide. “We were skeptical with the diabetic shoe designs we are used to seeing. We were shocked to see styles and brands we like that Adaptive had to offer us”.

 Tammy and Mitch are back living their lives minus the foot pain, calluses, and corns. “Walking, a normal day necessity is just easier to do. I am back to cooking plate lunches for the Farmers Market on Main St. without the discomfort because of my lifts and rocker shoes Monica suggested”.

We are glad to see our patients benefiting from such a simple change, like our Diabetic Shoes service. Thank you for allowing us to share your progress!

-The Adaptive P&O Team