Todd Foret

Todd has been a long-time patient of Bobby’s. Our office looks forward to his appointments, not only for his jokes and full of life personality but for his delicious bags of beef jerky! We are happy to share his story and his will power to live life to the fullest. “God has a plan for all of us, you just have to trust him!”

Todd was living in the smokey mountains of Tennessee at the time of his accident. He was working on a log cabin when he fell off the roof breaking several bones. “It was a messy break. When I came too, I thought I had landed on a stick that had gone through my leg. When actually it was my femur.” Todd was in the hospital 42 days, undergoing 6 different surgeries and receiving a halo brace to help him recover. After moving back to Louisiana to be closer to family and being in a wheelchair for 7 months, Todd went to Chabert Hospital in search of options. “I had to rely on my family and my nephew, DW, for help. I had completely lost my independence and couldn’t live with the pain and side effects of the antibiotics for much longer.”

After his amputation, Todd started in-patient rehab at Chabert Hospital and was quickly referred to Adaptive to start fitting for his prosthesis. “I knew I had to push myself harder than I had before to walk again. But I was determined to gain my independence back, so after hospital rehab, I would go home and do my own therapy. I would walk one step with my prosthesis, then use the crutch, then two steps, crutch, then three, Stop sign to Stop sign. The life I wanted to live wasn’t going happen taking breaks!”

Today, you can catch Todd and his wife, Bonnie, riding his Harley motorcycle! “Bonnie really pushed me to ride. It was something I had a passion for doing before my amputation, and because of her, its something we can continue to do and love together. As for Adaptive, I don’t have the words. Bobby is awesome. You can tell he wants to help his patients and does all he can to see them improve. Anytime I can I brag about my leg. It makes me feel good to inspire people and share my experience. My prosthesis allows me to live free and do what I want to do every single day, thank you.”

No problem Todd, thank you for the kind words and beef jerky!